My pro tips to succeed his photobooth

D-day is approaching and your friends are waiting impatiently to chain the fours and to slice some field glasses? Looking for a cool animation to offer them during the cocktail? What about a Photo Booth!  An installation where the guests take their picture in front of a background, armed with fun accessories. Nothing like breaking the ice between guests! They will have, in addition, a beautiful souvenir to take away, before receiving the photographs of the photographer . In this article , I reveal the keys to a successful Photo Booth.


What are the Photo Booth DIY solutions for which you can opt?

  • Two solutions are available to you,
  • The instant camera (Polaroid, Instax)
  • The SLR mounted on a tripod.
  • You will also need a frame and / or accessories to make friends laugh. Take special care in the light. Finally, plan a nomad printing solution or share photos, so that everyone can return with his shot. But do not panic ! Give me your hand, I show you how.

The look and the interface

Never hesitate to ask to see the photo booth in real and to have you show the interface and use. Some are sometimes a little complicated or not fluent or have scenarios to follow that can be annoying. Obviously the object itself must look good to you because it will be a central part of your cocktail or party. Ask one of your friends or witnesses to take care of film replacement or management of any technical issues that may arise (and another to refill them in champagne during this time). kl photobooth is number one photobooth